Frequently Asked Questions

We are double checking all information on this page but there might still be bugs. So be careful when handling your assets and private keys!
Also please send us an email if you have any well intentioned questions/advice/thanks.

How do I "trust" sudokoin?

The simplest way is probably to use the Stellar laboratory. If you follow the link just add your account at the top and then go on signing and sending the transaction.
The important bits are that you need to use the "Change Trust" operation with the asset "sudokoin" and the account GCNCTSFG2HCFUBD4ZYIHRNK5SDMHSAP2KGIP27UJMVXDKWYB4JDTPWD3.
Each Stellar account also has to contain a base reserve of XLM plus some extra XLM for each trustline to a credit issuer (like sudokoin), so you should at this moment fund your account with around 2 XLM to ensure some leeway. These fees may change from time to time. You can find more info here.

Why did I receive only a fraction of a sudokoin?

sudokoin cannot be subdivided, so they should be displayed without decimal places. The Stellar standard is to assume 7 decimal places. Thus 50000 sudokoin will probably be displayed as 0.005 in your wallet. Don't worry: that is just a displaying problem which can hopefully be fixed in the future.